Quit Smoking Guide

Need the right tools and information? If you want to quit smoking this is where you want to start to learn everything you need to know. The ultimate guide to help you take action now towards a smoke-free life for yourself or for someone you care about.

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Partner Organizations

We partner with and support numerous organizations that we believe are making a significant impact towards a smoke-free world, especially for our children. If you support our cause, we invite you to consider supporting these organizations.

The Truth
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
CASAA - Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives
Black Note E-Juice

Real Stories

Need inspiration? Watch videos and read testimonials from long-time smokers who struggled with their addiction for many years, went through major health and mental breakdowns, dealt with severe depression...but were able to successfully quit smoking in the end.

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The Truth Campaign

Need facts? Here's all the facts you need to know about tobacco, smoking, addiction, nicotine withdrawal, health problems, smoking alternatives, and quit smoking methods. Learn about the Truth® campaign and find out how you can take action today to help our mission.

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